Squadron - Bullet Hell Shooter App Reviews

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This game is fun

This game is great for spending time.

Hook to it

I love it but they should give more likes


Fun game crashes some times tho




Very fun and innovative.

Pretty fun game

Overall I think this is a great little game that will give you hours of fun but i wish they'd have a bit more variety with the enemies and make each round a little bit longer. I find myself fully powering up a couple of my ships then before you can enjoy the mass destruction the rounds over


It's a good game, one that I play quite infrequently but it's still fun nonetheless.


Very good game. I'm addicted to it.

Fun but flawed

Don't get me wrong, this game is fun, and it's free, but there are too many issues that eventually ruined it for me. First off, the game is way too repetitive and the bullet patterns are uninteresting. At first it's quite fun, but once you see all the enemy types, they just send more and more of the same enemies which makes every stage feel the same. There's a distinct lack of bosses, and the only boss there is is a complete joke because the 4th ship is so OP. Seriously, once I started using the 4th ship exclusively, completing the game on extreme with all the stars was a walk in the park. Of course, there was no way to show off my accomplishments since the leaderboard is so limited. The only leaderboard is for enemies defeated so things such as scores, stars, and game completion are meaningless (besides their intrinsic value). So despite having downloaded the game less than 24 hours ago, it has already become devoid of replayability. It's worth getting if if you're a casual player looking for a quick fix, but seasoned bullet hell players will be disappointed.



Great game

My nephews love playing this game.

Awesome Game

This game has a very fun concept of having a squad of ships each with different powers to help win each level. Everything about this game is amazing, but the only thing I would recommend would be to change the music. It can get a little repetitive at times.

So amaze

So amaze very bullet wow such retro

The only bullet hell I'll play!


Great game I'm not even gonna lie but

Amazing game the graphics, enemies, spaceships and music muahhhh perfect but there is a glitch where in the slow motion mode you can teloport to wherever you want to avoid danger

Crashes after every level onth ipad

the game is good but it keeps crashing every time I play it. Thats extremely annoying.

Nice graphics



Simple yet Aesthetic game. Reminiscent of Old Atari shooters. Will not disappoint Choice of 4 different ships at any given time. If you like this type of game and want to relieve some stress for a few minutes and have some good old video game fun, this is it. And if you want to get in trouble with your wife, turn the volume up. She'll end up downloading it too. R/ Happy customer


Good game, not too difficult but enough to entertain. Only problem is that it crashes ALL THE TIME! I have it on my iPad and iPhone and the problem is constant on both. If this persists I'll end up deleting it.

Needs a shop

The game is fun it's self but we need more ships, we need a shop and some kind of money, we need different combinations of ships and while your buying the ships, you can have it that you need some resources like an engine but you need thing like wire to make the engine. Just a suggestion but the game currently is fun


I just love this game! Love the graphics! Just perfect!

Nice game

Good weaponry, great price. Fun game.

Great game

I love this game. The fighting is great and graphics.


Great and simple top down shooter. Something I have been looking for over 10 years.

Trouble at work

This game is absolutely fantastic but addictive so don't play it at work.


You will not regret a single thing on getting this game

Fun bullet hell shooter

I've been trying out a bunch of different shmups today. This one is the first one that I've rated. I like it a lot. Interesting that you can swap between ships during a run.

Incredibly fun!

This game has been a great entry point into the bullet hell genre for me. Very easy to pick up, can get very challenging (in a good, non-frustrating way), and the inclusion of multiple ships and short levels makes it a very relaxed, enjoyable experience. Visuals get the job done at best, but the clean gameplay and fun ship variety really shine through. Plus, IT'S FREE WITH NO MICROTRANSACTIONS!! What a strange concept...


The makers of these types of games would be proud, the controls aren't the best but not the developers fault since its really not designed to be played as a touch screen game. Still awesome though.

First rate

Great game on the order of plasma sky. One of the best of its type. Also reminds me a little of Blackhawk striker

The Best

Awesome and powerful

G@@D Stuff

A lot of Action Ohh yeah 🔫💯🔫👽👏👏👏👏



Time killer

Great time killer.

An okay time filler.

Levels aren't very long, and while it isn't particularly that much of a bullet hell, the touch screen controls aren't bad.

Good game

Fun and addictive game. Just like a classic shooter should be like!

Fun bullet hell

So far I've been playing this game for a solid 45 minutes. The levels are not too difficult. Most bullet hell games do not port well to a touch screen platform. This game is not an exception. I do not blame the developers, the game is very fun. But the controls are not the greatest. Perhaps if they added an option to use a sort of touch game pad it would work out better. I recommend playing this game if you like the bullet hell genre.

Classic feel, great modern look.

The level configurations are great and difficulties are properly represented. Weapons and ships are a unique aspect.

Download now.

Very enjoyable game. You won't be disappointed.

Old school awesomeness

This game is great. It's a classic scroller that reminds me of R-Type. Lots of fun love the weapons and ships.

Fun game

It's a fun game but the screen going in and out throws you off.

Best game ever!!!!!!

Ok the thing I like about this game is that it is fun addictive and more fun when u get the power ups it's good way to pass time around and it is a thumbs up game u should really play this game if u wanna go kinda retro again I like the lvls and the new stages of the ship you can get it wold be nice if you could buy ships woth coins not real money and be able to choose ur detain ships to start out wijh thanks for tanking the time to read this

Cool and it's good because it's a little challenging but not much.

On the right line

Good stuff

It's a pretty fun app


Awesome addictive game!!!


Good old school style game👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽



Good vertical shooter

Very enjoyable game it has a cool old school feel and is really a lot of fun. Give it a try you might like it


This game has great music… Fun options with different spaceships… With the great game, please download. This is an awesome game.

A great game

I installed this game and it's a lot of fun. It remind me of old style games but it's even better. I highly recommend it.

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